Holistic Hairdressing by Tabitha James Kraan

The Beauty of Aromatherapy – Amber Rose x Golden Citrus

The Beauty of Aromatherapy
Amber Rose vs Golden Citrus

Holistic Hairdressing by Tabitha James Kraan

Essential oils have been used for many thousands of years, for both their beautiful scents and also their healing properties for the mind, body and soul. Although natural and often used in cosmetics (like our very own Tabitha James Kraan Organics products), the use of essential oils is in fact a plant-based medicine and a potent one at that.

You may be familiar with herbal medicine, which has been at the source of many medicinal practices across the world since records began. But, because of most of us are now more accustomed to seeing and using essential oils as fragrance, sometimes it’s easy to forget the more ‘serious’ side of this wonderful force of nature which is, on average, up to 75 times more powerful than the dried herb counterpart.

You may be wondering why we, an organic haircare brand, have so much to say about essential oils. Yes, our products are beautifully fragranced with them, as opposed to using synthetic perfumes, but for us there’s more to it than that. Both our Amber Rose and Golden Citrus signature scents have been expertly blended and developed by an Aromatherapist to not only provide divine aromas that you won’t be able to get enough of, but also to deliver the medicinal benefits we wanted our haircare to include too.

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How Does Aromatherapy Work?

From experience, you’ll no doubt be aware that your sense of smell is a powerful tool when it comes to triggering a memory and there’s good reason for that. The olfactory lobe, a postage-stamp sized area of the forebrain, is responsible for sense of smell, but it also manages the limbic system, which manages long-term memory and emotions. Suddenly the efficacy of aromatherapy starts to become clear…

Because of this fact, a waft of a particular smell can take you right back to a moment in time, but it also means that different smells can release different emotions by altering your brain chemistry.

Rose garden

Essential oils are amazing for this, with certain plants offering soothing, stress-relieving triggers, some energising, some heart-warming or inspiring. One study has shown that patients in ICU who sniffed a blend of lavender, neroli and chamomile found their anxiety decrease and their sleep-quality improve. Another revealed that lavender can help to induce deep ‘slow-wave’ sleep.

Applying essential oils

Aromatherapy works on two other levels, aside from sense of smell: through absorption and absorption via the skin. When essential oils are inhaled by using a diffuser, pulse point roller balls, or even by breathing in deeply when you use hair and beauty products, like ours, which contain aromatherapy blends, the oils enter in through your respiratory system, so you reap the benefits internally.

Massage is another great way to absorb essential oils, as our skin is a very permeable membrane and will let in a certain amount of anything that is put onto it – a clear argument to ditch any chemicals in your beauty routine! But remember, essential oils must always be mixed with a carrier before direct application. The molecules of essential oils are small enough to enter into the dermis (a deep layer of skin), then reaching the blood vessels and moving around to all areas of your body. This is one reason why a weekly scalp massage with our Scented Organic Hair Oil is such a treat.

Smelling flowers

Meet the Tabitha James Kraan Organics signature aromatherapy blends…

Amber Rose

Rose, rose geranium, sweet orange, ylang ylang, patchouli, benzoin, cedar, orange, chamomile

Tabitha says

‘The Amber Rose scent is just like a simple, warm, loving hug in a bottle, which is why guys love it too! What makes this so gorgeous is not just the heavenly floral rose scent, it’s about how universally loved it makes you feel.’

Amber Rose Ingredients

Golden Citrus

Bergamot, tangerine, neroli, green mandarin, tea tree, myrrh, lavender, petitgrain, ylang ylang

Tabitha says

‘The Golden Citrus scent is another blend developed to suit everyone, but this time the focus is on an uplifting invigorating, enlivening warmth which provides a rush loving energy that stays with you all day.’

Golden Citrus Ingredients