Sustainability is in our DNA

My journey creating an organic, eco-luxe brand always has and always will prioritise our environment, our earth, our soil, and your health – with no compromises.

Tabitha James Kraan ethos

The performance of Tabitha James Kraan Haircare depends on the high-quality raw ingredients within them. The power of what’s inside each bottle can only be achieved by sourcing these ingredients from natural farms and ethical practises – tracking and tracing all the way back to the quality of soil that each product is grown in. We are not able to use an ingredient, if at any point a chemical, synthetic or animal derivative was introduced. No Compromises.

When I was developing each product, to my delight, I found that the hair performed better when the ingredients were at its purest. I developed each product sustainable by design. This includes the luxurious packaging and the high-performance product inside.

  • You need less product to get great results
  • You don’t need to wash as often, because your hair is getting all the nourishment from your routine.
  • You target each concern with the correct product, ensuring you don’t overuse.

Our hair has become totally reliant on to liquid plastics, detergents, and cancer-causing chemicals – and our earth is becoming more and more littered with each hair-wash. By ensuring that our ingredients, formulation procedures, premises, as well as packaging are certified by the worlds strictest organic certifying body, you won’t have to worry that what you are washing down the plughole will cause any harm to the environment.

Read more about “Whats Not Okay” in Beauty and Wellbeing from The Soil Association.

Soil Association Cosmos Organic

“The Soil Association has higher standards than required by the EU, to guarantee the best animal welfare, health, consumer protection and safeguarding for the natural environment.”